A s   T i m e   D r a w s   N e a r
Traditional American Songs
From the North and the South

. . . a debut recording from Pamela Goddard
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``DON'T MISS IT! She's terrific!''
  - Sandy Paton

``Pamela has a beautiful voice. Her diction was crystal-clear and her timing impeccable. She introduced the songs in interesting and humorous ways; I was glad to be there.''
  - a Mudcat fan

``Thank you for your beautiful voice ... It is a wonderful gift.''
  - Charlene Thomson, Cranberry Coffeehouse

``I really do believe that I prefer your Barbara Allen to any I have heard.''
  - A fan

``Your voice sounds very beautiful, full yet vulnerable...''
  - Linda Stout

``I wanted again to thank you so much for your singing .... I thoroughly enjoyed your performance, and your impressive research!''
  - Cornell Plantations

``There's no doubt at all in my mind that you should record--more people need to hear you.''
  - Ian Robb

``It is splendid, clear lovely singing and I got every word...I'm not sure there are too many others who take such care. A full and impressive Barbara Allen. You tell the story well.''
  - Jeff Warner, re: As Time Draws Near

``I just finished listening to Pamela's CD, and I find it one of the most enjoyable collections of traditional songs that I've ever heard. Goddard has a very listenable mid-range voice that gives these old songs a very down-to-earth feel.
Fans of traditional music will want to hear Pamela Goddard and her CD, As Time Draws Near. Other folks, who might not yet be fans of the Trad, may be surprised by the musical and lyrical appeal of these simple but well-produced recordings.''
  - Larry Hoyt, CNY Friends of Folk

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